Communal Puzzle
September 10, 2023
The Power of Education : Tackling Social Issues through Knowledge
September 11, 2023

Think Before Its too Late..

Social issues have a lot of drawbacks that harm our society. There are situations that have an adverse and damaging result on our society.
All types of social issues are interconnected somehow. Meaning to say, if one solves the other one is also most likely to resolve.
Social issues have a massive lousy effect on our society and ultimately, it affects all of us. In order to solve some social issues, we need a common approach.
India is facing lot of social issues. Thus, we are going through a critical time where we all must come together to free our society from undesirable social evils.


First of all, poverty is a worldwide issue. It gives birth to a lot of other social issues which we must try to get away with at the earliest. Further, we are facing the issue of caste system. It results in a lot of caste violence and inequality which takes the lives of many on a daily.
Moreover, child Labour is another major social issue that damages the lives of young children. Similarly, illiteracy also ruins the lives of many by destroying their chances of a bright future.
In developing countries mostly, child marriage still exists and is responsible for ruining many lives. Similarly, dowry is a very serious and common social issue that almost all classes of people partake in.
Another prominent social issue is gender inequality which takes away many opportunities from deserving people. Domestic violence especially against women is a serious problem we must all fight against.
Other social issues include starvation, religious conflicts, child trafficking, terrorism, overpopulation, untouchability and many more. It is high time we address and end these social issues.
A society can successfully end social issues if they become unified and strong. These social issues act as a barrier to the progress of society. Thus, we must all come together to fight against them and put them to an end for the greater good.


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