tGELF – Leadership Program



We at NLK Academy have introduced a very unique co-curricular subject- tGELF (The Global Education & Leadership Foundation) In this particular subject we prepare our students with the leadership course of life.

• Just like how to work in a team, how to work in a team, how to communicate effectively, what to say when to say and many more.

• We have modules regarding the phases if life like Leadership skills in which we teach children about Leader and its skills. Questions like "How is a boss different from a leader?”, are solve in this

• Then we have a module for Teamwork in which children learn about team, it's importance and how to coordinate better in it.

• After this our 3rd module deals with communication, in this we tell students about what is communication, how to communicate effectively, what to say how to say and much more.

• We have severally other module for the betterment of the students.

• The children here in this, learn to imbibe the essential points for becoming a better person, who is inspiring to others, as well.

• So, join our team and make your child future ready with us.

By : Aditi Sharma