tGELF – Leadership Program

The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tgelf) is a programme initiative of The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation whose vision is to nurture young ethical leaders that will be future agents of change.
tGELF is helping our students to be a good leader of tomorrow.
• It is cultivating life skills and leadership skills amongst young adults.
• It is helping our students to know more about a Leader & about an entrepreneur.
• By making students participate in session activities tGELF is developing and demonstrating skills in us as a Team Leader and Team Member.
tGELF is developing problem solving and decision-making skills in our students.
• Through tGELF students are demonstrating a capacity for self-reflection to monitor their own development as leaders on different leadership traits.
• Its vision is to build a community of ethical, altruistic leaders on the planet who work together to improve the state of the world.
• Its mission is to identify, Select, Support, Monitor, Mentor, Evaluate, connect and to Empower Ethical and Altruistic leaders.
• Studying tGELF is essential in today's scenario because it helps you to discover new and unique ways to define leadership concepts and ideas which will be helpful for children in future.  
By : Aditi Sharna ( Head Girl)