Reading Program

Karadi Path is a reading curriculum for kids in our school.
The curriculum is based on enhancing the creative skills, reading, improving vocabulary and imaginative ability of children.
The use of audio-visual aid makes learning fun for children.
We start the session with a Focus Activity. With the help of the Focus Activity we enhance their imagination and listening skills. We also try to introduce new vocabulary words in each class and use the word in different contexts so that the children do not just learn the meaning of the word but actually discover the word. They understand the correct usage of the word.
After that the children perform the Action and spoken commands. Continuous repetition of the  directed commands help the child understand basic English words and revise the concepts taught in English language.
Afterwards the children recite the rhymes. Recitation of the rhymes help improve their expressive skills. Teachers pay special attention to the pronunciation of words, usage of correct actions and expressions while the children recite the rhyme along with the teacher.
The story path module tells children interesting stories with the help of an audio-visual aid in the application. The children read the story along with the teacher using their story books.
Every child has a unique access to the Magic English Junior App wherein the child can listen to the stories and rhymes after their classes as well. Overall the session is very lively with the children participating with great zeal and vigour.