Reading Program

KARADI (Session 2020-21 to 2023-24)

Karadi the storytelling bear is an amazing concept curated by the Karadi Path.
• This co-curricular subject is created with a view of teaching English without rules that is just by the ambience.
• We have certain levels for each class. By every level we increase the speed, words and sentences.
• We here conduct the session by a Focus Activity. In this we make the students sit in a comfortable and relaxing position and make them imagine an unseen world.
• Then we have Action Path - In this we teach actions to our children. Through these actions we teach them tenses, genders, pronouns and several other rules of grammar just by watching the teacher.
• We then have a module of music- In this, children learn to sing and act upon the fun-loving rhymes.
• We have directed and conversation commands where we teach the students to perform the activities according to the commands and teach them conversations with modulating pitch and voice respectively.
• We also have a Story Path- in this we teach them stories.
But wait, the content is not only this much, we have several other activities as well, just like playing sight words, reading, miming, tiny theatres and more.
Karadi is a unique concept for students to get fluent in English with even learning the subject.