“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Toddlers have a much larger reach than infants. As they grow and learn to walk, you need to provide them with more child-friendly space, activities, materials and food to explore with their senses and whole body.

At NLK, we understand that young children grow and learn the most when they receive undivided attention and the right mental stimulation. As parents, you can be assured that our inclusive, engaging and interactive learning environments are capable of adapting to your child’s specific learning and development requirements.

The Pre- toddler program is specially designed to help toddlers prepare for the 'Pre-Schooler' phase. It comprises a series of sessions spread over weeks. The program has a theme-based curriculum that is specially designed for the preschool children who have not been able to attend the school due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

The objective of this fun-oriented and creative program is building the foundation skills of Language, Math and EVS while at the same time focussing on the extracurricular activities that will help foster independent learning, communication skills and critical thinking in a child.


Age: 2 years to 3.5 years

The Pre-toddler Program aims at developing following skills:
♦ Self-expression and self-confidence through pretend play and free play.
♦ Socio-emotional skills that help them manage emotions, build healthy relationships, and feel empathy.
♦ Self-help skills as they learn to eat on their own and wear their own shoes.
♦ Basic language skills through phonics and reading.
♦ Pre math skills through the recognition of patterns and shapes.
♦ Fine and Gross Motor skills through activities like gripping, twisting, squeezing, grasping, stacking, eating with a spoon, pouring water into a glass, building blocks, moulding clay, climbing stairs, balancing on the beam.
♦ It serves the purpose of equipping children with the best learning in preschool.


The timings for Pre - toddler classes: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Salient features:

✅ Classes to be held 5 days a week in school.
✅ Daily three interactive classes of 30 minutes each.
✅ Age-appropriate subject-wise engaging activities.
✅ Lunch Break of 10 minutes and the child can bring light snacks.

Program Duration:

✅ The duration of the program: November, 2021 to February, 2022.
✅ The admission process will remain the same as in Nursery class. Parents have to purchase the form to register their ward.
✅ The age limit: 2 years to 3.5 years [Not beyond that]
✅ The Fees will be 1100/- per month for NLK Group Of Schools and 1200/- for Academy. Diary /ID card money will be charged.
✅ No book set will be provided to students. This will be an activity-based Program and we will provide the lesson plans for the same. Saturday activities will be planned for the children and lists of material required for the same will be shared.

Best Toddler Program for Your Child to Explore Their World

Skill-based curriculum: Based on the latest scientific research, children learn best when they are practicing and exploring materials rather than just sitting and listening to a teacher. It helps the child to become a lifelong learner. That is why the Pre-toddler Program curriculum at NLK focuses on developing crucial Foundation Skills for the ages of 2 – 3.5 years

Certification details: At the end of the program, children will be awarded with Milestone Achievement certificates and they will be promoted to the next class.

Payment Method: Fees will be taken in cash and parents can submit the fees directly in school office.