Organic Farming

Linked agro-extension and environmental campus
Teaching sustainability to our students

With the world dealing with mass-scale industrialization, it is the responsibility of schools to bring about an awareness and knowledge for sustainability through Community Living, Agricultural operations, Waste Management and Environmental Resource Protections. We also believe in passing the baton of composite knowledge of sustainable living to the next generation.

Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generations to meet their own needs with the motto :

The specially designed- DREAM- IN- GREEN - Sustainability Curriculum for students will increase their appreciation for; connection to; and knowledge of the environment. It is a futuristic programme that engages students in hands-on educational activities and connectivity that would save water, energy and optimum utilisation of resources.

The NLK Academy, Mandhana Campus also has a linked extension campus of a 7acre multi-dimensional farm house linked with facilities. The agricultural farm has an orchard with dozens of fruit trees such as Mango, Guava, Gooseberries, Chikoo, Tamarind, Lemon, Peach, Custard Apple, Grapefruit, Starfruit (Kamarakh) etc. The farm also has many unvaried varieties of flowering trees/ plants. Varieties of cactus and succulents are present at the farm along with a vegetable garden including the turmeric plantation.

In our 7acre farm, the students will learn :
• Food Production - From Seed to Plate
• Environmental respect
• Organic Farming
• Farming Techniques
• Using natural fertilizers
• Waste Management
• Composting
• Importance of Physical labour
• Importance of Nutrition
• Fundamental Lessons in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies