Remote learning has become the new normal, and both teachers and students need to educate themselves on online etiquette.
1. Help the teacher: If your teacher is taking a class and you find your classmates disrupting or disturbing the session, inform the teacher.
2. Show appreciation: If you have enjoyed a particular class or lecture, show your appreciation either in a chat box or at the end of the class.
3. Be ready: Prepare beforehand. This can be anything, from a chapter your teacher or professor has asked you to read or a topic you were told to research online or material/ video that the teacher has uploaded.
4. Quick checks: Check your internet before the scheduled session is to start. Log in and see if you are able to do so. Waiting till the last minute might mean you miss part of the session or disrupt the class.
5. No distractions: You need to look into your screen and keep your mobile and other distractions away. Log in from a part of the house where there is minimal activity and noise. When you are not speaking, keep your phone or laptop on mute.
6. Chat with care: When conversing in the chat groups created by your teacher, ensure you do not use abbreviations, incorrect grammar, emoticons/ emoji's or slang. It is considered inappropriate and in some cases might lead to disciplinary action. This also applies to the questions you raise in the chat box during the session. Also, it is a good rule to avoid typing in capitals as that can be interpreted as shouting.

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