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September 9, 2023
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September 11, 2023

Communal Puzzle

Social issues keep striking a bell of discontent and injustice followed by inequality. This have been existing since the emergence of civilization. People have divided themselves into two categories, first are those who consider themselves superior and the second are those who are being neutral or simply considering themselves as inferior or not at high level. There is rise in social issues when these two categories are being against each other.

If we talk about social competitiveness that is limited to career challenges, then they are always good. It helps people to progress in their lives. But the moment this turns into social issues other than competitiveness, it is always bad. Here inequality enters, the root of all these things. The groupings done results in hatred towards each other. People try to downgrade the other sections. Such situations may cause the superiors to gain control over the inferiors. Emergence of violence is the main drawback. Violence becomes requirement to overcome inequality and secure equal rights.

This inequality and violence causes weakening in democracy. Thus, when unity shatter eventually, the nation is affecting badly. India is a land of multiple societies, believes and religions. Being such a diverse nation, the differences automatically get generated. Though India is known for 'Unity In Diversity', discontent does arise as the people of the country are of different religions, languages, castes and their own believes. These regional variations causes communal riots which take place in every now and then in the nation. The issues are never discussed and their vulnerabilities cause an imbalance. Superiority and inferiority are to be blamed. These issues can even convert into a famine.

The striking feature of these discriminatory issues in India is casteism. The ancient believes are still there in today's society. Causing a big gap among people of different castes or societies, discrimination is in both urban and rural areas. Issues like honor killing, inter caste conflictions also get worse. Many people take vital steps to stop this but the ancient belief and hierarchy of caste is the major issue that is an obstacle in solving such differences.

Different sections following their own religions often have contradictory believes. These believes often result in riots, loss of life and damage of properties and the nation faces a slower progress rate. Similar to India, the global parameters of social issues are religion, creed, regional differences, poverty, gender inequality, child labour, human rights, wars etc. Global issues have several international communities to take care of arising issues. Only solution for the issues is to resolve through a single point or root of the problem.


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