Boarding Life

Cradled in the midst of a sprawling green oasis, the NLK Academy offers boarding house facilities for boys of Grade VI to XI. The NLK boarding house offers kids the chance to learn, develop, and explore in a safe atmosphere. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety.


Dormitory & Furniture: With a maximum of three students per room, the hostel features rooms that are spacious, well-lit, and ventilated. In order to make the living of the students comfortable the living area, dining halls, recreational rooms, toilets and bathrooms and infirmary are provided with excellent furniture and fittings. Additionally, each student has a bed, study table and own closet, which makes handling items simple and secure.

Nutritious Food: The students are provided with wholesome and nutritious vegetarian diet. All meals are cooked and prepared under the supervision of the hostel staff in the hostel kitchen.

Special Tutorial Classes: Boarders are given special tutorial classes by the teachers of the school daily.

Hostel Outings: Through outings, our hostel offers students exceptional chances to experience life outside of the classroom and their textbooks. These outings are not just recreational; they are educational journeys that expose students to diverse cultures, environments, and experiences.

Organic Farming: Our school campus includes a thriving organic farm, where students have the opportunity to learn about and participate in sustainable agriculture practices.

Sports: Through a wide range of sporting activities, we encourage physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, and a healthy competitive spirit.

Supervision: The students live in the hostel under the constant care and supervision of the warden and in charge, who oversees the administration and discipline of the boarding facility. The entire hostel is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.


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