Academy Approach

Academy Approach - Preschool

The primary school program at NLK Academy, Kanpur weaves a tapestry intricately interlacing rich Indian traditional education with present international educational pedagogy. Here the individual talent and worth of every child is celebrated in a rich and stimulating environment with warm, loving and supportive teachers through a comprehensive, multi-layered and integrated curriculum.

An in-depth study in a wide variety of subjects happens here with focus on developing critical thinking skills, nurturing intellectual curiosity and helping students to become self-directed problem solvers. Students build a solid foundation of academic proficiency, explore leadership roles within the classroom, develop critical thinking skills and incorporate artistic expression and creative thinking all within the ambit of a curriculum which honors the rights, needs and talents of a diverse population of learners.

Academy Approach – Grade school

Education at NLK Academy aims at learning facts about history, geography and environmental education which are studied first hand from direct sources as far as possible. The distribution of the curriculum is not isolated into branches of knowledge but follows an interdisciplinary approach and thus presents each subject in a synthesized fashion. Students are prepared for observation in the external environment and given specific techniques, experiments and other creative activities. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done for all standards along with project work which supplements the theoretical acquisition of knowledge.

The students are prepared for the CBSE examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Along with the focus on providing quality education and achieving academic excellence we also help students develop higher order thinking skills and develop an identity of their own.