The academic model of the NLK Academy is centered on personalized attention to children and increased receptiveness towards subject matter. The curriculum is structured to enhance the learning outcomes through collaborative and interactive sessions. Reliance on rote learning is minimized and progressive models like project-based learning and Understanding by Design are implemented.

The pedagogy at NLK is aimed to realize the potentialities of the children through their constant and planned engagement in the learning process. Theory of Multiple Intelligences is the model upon which the curricular and pedagogical model of NLK Academy is based. The classroom instruction is structured on the premises of the theory and a diverse set of stimuli is used as means to let children imbibe the concepts. Furthermore, the spirit of enquiry, penchant for creativity and innovation, and global and community consciousness is instilled in students from an early age. Participatory learning is the bedrock of the instructional model at the NLK Academy and education is not dictated in a conventional top-down fashion.

To better implement the curriculum and customize the lesson plans, leading curriculum solutions are employed. The result is enhanced receptiveness and clarity of concepts, comprehensive assessment, increased participation of students in on going class and increased learning outcomes.

In keeping with the spirit and need of the times, special emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills in the arena of information and computer technology. Adequate and state of the art infrastructure is put in place to impart digital education.

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